Reference Sets

Supplement to the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies


100 volumes including 

5-volume Index


Arranged like the Official Records - chronologically with entries by campaigns, etc. ™






Roster of Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865


1,500,000 NAMES IN 16 VOLUMES 


Roster of Confederate Soldiers is a continuous listing of all Confederate soldiers in one alphabetical listing.  Each soldier is listed by name, state affiliation, unit, company, and rank if above Private.

“This work is highly recommended for every library with an interest in genealogy or the Civil War.” - American Reference Books Annual

Roster of Union Soldiers 1861-1865


 3,000,000 NAMES IN 33 VOLUMES


Each soldier is listed by name, state affiliation, unit, company, and rank if above Private.

"The best single resource for locating information on individual soldiers in both armies in the War between the States."  -  American Reference Books Annual

*Individual Union State Rosters can also be purchased. 

U.S. Colored Troops in the Civil War


 2 volumes from 

Roster of Union Soldiers.


This set is not only a roster but an index to the compiled service records in the National Archives. Using the Roster you can determine which U.S. colored troops have records in the archives and exactly how they are listed; the essential information needed for obtaining a service record. 

War of the Rebellion. Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies


128 Volumes including index


“The most important work in literature of the Civil War, the O.R. is the official government compilaton of Civil War records, orders, dispatches, messages, and corresondence relating to the miltary operations of the war.”     — The Civil War in Books

Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion


31 volumes including Index


This comprehensive guide to all Civil War naval operations is presented, like the Army Official Records, chronologically by geographic regions, and is easily used hand in hand with that set.

   The Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion provides the most thorough foundation of primary source material on Civil War naval operations.

Confederate Military History, Extended Edition


19 Volumes including 

NEW 2-Volume Index


It is the best and most used source for Confederate military history. It was first published in 1899 by General Clement A. Evans in 12 volumes. The volumes were written by former Confederates, many of them famous in their own right; men such as Jed Hotchkiss, Joe Wheeler, Bradley Johnson and Ellison Capers. Confederate Military History details the military history of the Confederacy and of each Confederate state. 

Each volume includes eye-witness battle accounts, first-hand narratives and maps and military organizational charts. 

There are 156 detailed battle maps, some folding, in the set. 

The state volumes conclude with biographies of the general officers from that state.

Confederate State Rosters


27 Volumes

$100 per volume

For Confederate research, the State Rosters are the fastest and most helpful resource for military unit rosters and identifying soldiers by unit or state affiliation.

Separate roster and unit volumes for the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

 The first volume of each state roster is an alphabetical listing of all Confederate soldiers from that state; providing full name, unit, company and rank. 

The second volume for each state organizes the Confederate soldiers from that state into military units—artillery, cavalry, and infantry—with units under each category in numerical order and all the soldiers in each unit in alphabetical order. 

Confederate Veteran


43 Volumes - 

including NEW 3-volume Index


A reprint of the complete 40-year run of Confederate Veteran magazine 1893-1932. 

This material is not available anywhere else. The Veteran is a primary source for first-hand battle accounts by Confederates, biographical sketches, obituaries—many with pictures, war records and family information, articles on Southern women as well as the largest published collection of images of southern women for the period 1890-1930.

 Truly a social history of the South, the Veteran contains advertisements, illustrations and architecture, gatherings and reunions — including regimental reunions.


Southern Historical Society Papers


55 Volumes 

Including New 3-Volume Index


The History of the War-time South

In 1869 a group of eminent Confederates formed the Southern Historical Society to gather and preserve the history of the war-time South.  Under the auspices of men such as Dabney Herndon Maury, Robert E. Lee, Alexander H. Stephens, Wade Hampton, and Jubal Early, The Southern Historical Society published almost 20,000 pages of material, including many articles which became famous in their own right.

North Carolina Troops


20 Volumes 


The best biographical roster of Confederate soldiers by any southern state. 

Approximately, one-fourth of the soldiers in the Confederate armies were compromised of North Carolina's sixty odd regiments. Proper credit for this contribution was never accorded until the North Carolina Division of Archives and History began this superb series of unit histories complete with thumbnail biographies of each soldier based on a variety of sources, including cemetery records and newspaper accounts. A history of each regiment's service is followed by a roster of its officers and men, and their individual record. 

Histories of the Several Regiments and Battalions from North Carolina in the Great War 1861-1865


5 Volumes



North Carolina Regiments, as it came to be called, is a massive work of five volumes totaling more than 4,000 pages. 

The contributors include most of the North Carolina generals still living at the time, and many officers from the respective commands.  In addition to the regimental histories, there are sketches of brigades, accounts of battles in which North Carolinians fought, lists of officers, a roster of North Carolinians who surrendered at Appomattox, and articles on North Carolina prisoners in the North, the Home Guard, the Medical Corps, and numerous other topics. 

History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers


By Samuel P. Bates

14 Volumes 

Including a 4-Volume Index applicable to ALL editions!


 The History of Pennsylvania Volunteers was compiled by Samuel P. Bates at the request of the state legislature.  It is a thorough history and roster of the regiments and soldiers from Pennsylvania.  For each regiment there is a regimental sketch. These sketches average 10-16 pages each and provide the history of the regiment, noting the battles in which the regiment participated.


The Union Army


9 Volumes including a 

thorough Index

Introduction by 

Dr. Richard A. Sauers


A history of military affairs in the United States, 1861-1865.  

Records of the regiments in the Union Army, Cyclopedia of Battles and Memoirs of commanders and soldiers. 

The publishers of The Union Army compiled the work using contributions from numerous soldiers  including Union generals Joshua L. Chamberlain, Joab N. Patterson, David M. Gregg, Daniel E. Sickles, Joseph W. Keifer, Benjamin H. Grierson, and Byron R. Pierce

Papers of the Military Historical Society of Massachusetts


15 Volumes including Index


These volumes stand as one of the most comprehensive and literate anthologies from any military event in history.  To open one is to pass back in time and relive events of the Civil War in the words of the most perceptive men of the conflict—experts in their field.  

Among them are monographs on Naval history by Alfred Thayer Mahan, the foremost naval historian of his (or perhaps any) time, a critique of Civil War artillery by Henry J. Hunt, the War’s preeminent artillerist, and a paper on Fredericksburg by Lieutenant Colonel William Allan, CSA., to highlight but a few. 

Medical and Surgical History of the Civil War


15 Volumes including 3-Volume Index


Printed in Washington, 1870-1888, by the Government Printing Office. 

Prepared in accordance with Acts of Congress, under the direction of Surgeon General Joseph K. Barnes, United States Army. 

A compilation of surgeons’ and medical officers’ battle, field and autopsy reports; vital information regarding hospitals (permanent and field), from construction to conditions; also covers ambulances and medical supplies; contains copious statistics on casualties and charts pertaining to injuries, diseases, and wounds. Includes casualty lists with injuries noted.

Colonial & State Records of North Carolina


The 30-volume set


The Colonial and State Records of North Carolina, is the most important resource for North Carolina history and genealogy through 1790 — the whole expertly and thoroughly indexed.

Under a mandate from the State, William L. Saunders gathered and edited the Colonial Records, bringing together documents from all known sources, including state and public repositories, private collections, and records in London and other European repositories. 

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States


70 Volumes Including a 

4-Volume Index


The M.O.L.L.U.S. volumes are comprised of first-hand accounts written by men who were active participants in the Civil War.  The M.O.L.L.U.S. volumes, originally published 1887-1915, are enhanced with illustrations, portraits, maps (some folding), and plans.  We have reprinted the entire series, as well as  never-before-published material, including new introductions, biographical sketches of the contributors by Bill Marvel, pictures of the contributors, and a thorough, every name cumulative index.

Shooting and Fishing 1885-1906





 “Having the reprints available is a godsend for arms research.  Having them indexed is beyond belief.” —American Single Shot Rifle News

Shooting and Fishing includes thousands of entries pertaining to numerous other outdoor pursuits, such as archery, camping, canoeing, hunting, photography, and snow-shoeing. The sportsmen of a bygone era have recorded fascinating stories, facts, and trivia within this Shooting and Fishing publication. Now with the new 3-volume index, it is possible to quickly locate key subject interests, whether for research or reading pleasure.