Confederate State Rosters

 All of these rosters are also indexes to Confederate Service Records, unlike other rosters which have corrected names and information and have thus lost the ability to provide the key to access service records.

Each name in these rosters establishes that there is a service record for the soldier listed and provides the exact information—(name, rank, unit) for accessing the service record—and with the service record lies the meat of the matter.

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Alabama Confederate Soldiers 3 volumes, 142,000 Soldiers...$300    

[ISBN 1-56837-351-1] 

Florida Biographical Rosters 6 volumes, 25,300 Soldiers...$500

both Confederate and Union soldiers 

[ISBN 1-56837-288-4] 

Georgia Confederate Soldiers 4 volumes, 181,000 Soldiers...$400 

[ISBN 1-56837-352-X] 

Mississippi Confederate Soldiers 3 volumes, 127,000 Soldiers...$300 

 [ISBN 1-56837-353-8] 

North Carolina Conf.  Soldiers 3 volumes, 138,000 Soldiers...$300  

[ISBN 1-56837-354-6] 

South Carolina Conf.  Soldiers 2 volumes, 102,000 Soldiers...$200 

[ISBN  1-56837-355-4] 

Texas Confederate Soldiers 2 volumes, 116,000 Soldiers...$200 

[ISBN 1-56837-356-2] 

Virginia Confederate Soldiers 4 volumes, 215,000 Soldiers...SOLD OUT 

[ISBN 1-56837-357-0]