Roster of Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865

Additional Information

These sets are not only rosters, but indexes to the compiled service records available from Broadfoot’s. 

Using the rosters you can determine which Civil War soldiers have service records and exactly how they are listed; which is essential information for obtaining a service record. 


For Each Soldier the Rosters provide: 

NAME (last, first, and middle)    STATE    UNIT OF SERVICE    HIGHEST RANK

The following entries are from the Roster of Confederate Soldiers, volume 5:

Deramus, John H. MS 11th (Perrin’s) Cav. Co.E 

Deramus, Joseph B. AL 6th Inf. Co.G 

Deramus, L.J. AL 8th (Livingston’s) Cav. Co.A 

Deramus, William S.E. AL 6th Inf. Co.G 

Deramus, W.J. LA 19th Inf. Co.K 

Derance, F.W. FL 1st (Res.) Inf. Co.H. Lt. 

Deraney, J.H. GA Inf. (E. to W.Point Guards) Matthews’ Co. D

erang, J. LA 7th Inf. Co.C

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16 Volumes

1,500,000 Names

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