In July 1888 the editors of The Rifle periodical decided to broaden the scope of the subject matter included in their publication and renamed it Shooting & Fishing, hoping to garner enough support to warrant more frequent and consistent issues. This inclusive index combines The Rifle (May 1885 - June 1888, first indexed by Broadfoot Publishing Company in 1990) with Shooting & Fishing (July 1888 - December 1906).


The Index includes names, events, places, manufacturers, guns (categorized and cross-referenced), shooting and fishing clubs, game, and ammunition, to name just a few types of the 245,567 entries. Also indexed are titles of articles (shown in all caps), authors of the articles, and illustrations. 

 For individuals, if a score, match, or medal was noted, it was entered as a sub-category under that person’s name. We have cross-referenced and sub-categorized many entries, i.e. gun sights, targets, and ammunition. State fishing and gaming laws were indexed and cross-referenced by state. Besides state-related notations, there are also entries of interest to other countries, such as England and Canada. 

45 Volumes in 42 Books

Shooting and Fishing

ISBN No. 0-91610793-0      


The Rifle

ISBN No. 0-916107-87-6


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