The Supplement to the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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“...this valuable set includes a multitude of reports not included in the O.R.” — The Civil War in Books 


What is the Supplement? 

The original Official Records of the Civil War consists of 128 volumes which contain official reports, correspondence, courts-martial where they explain battles, and a smattering of troop itineraries scattered in with battle accounts. However, much material was left out of the original edition. Numerous reports were not sent in and Confederates were reluctant to contribute to a work compiled by Yankees entitled “War of the Rebellion.” Thus, the original Official Records were incomplete—however, this situation is being remedied. 

For over 20 years we have been collecting, transcribing, typesetting and indexing the material which was left out of the original Official Records. To that end, we have tried to obtain, regardless of expense or labor, all of the material left out of the original Official Records.

What does it contain? 

SOLDIERS: NAMES & INFORMATION The Supplement contains twice as many names as does the original Official Records and, whereas most of the names in the original Official Records are of men ranking major and above (think of the thousands of occurrences of Lee, Grant, Sherman, etc.), most of the names in the Supplement are ranked below major and it is in the lower ranks that names and information are hardest to come by. Most of these citations provide the full name, rank, regiment, company, and often the location of the soldier at a particular time. Hundreds of thousands of names have been researched and identified further than their initials, as far as possible. 

PLACES:  NAMES & INFORMATION The Supplement has thousands of names—creeks, crossroads, ferries, fords, mills, etc. Our entries have been checked against the Official Record Atlas and identified, whenever possible; you can use these names that were given as a locale specification as a secondary source for research, in addition to the military names. 

RECORDS OF EVENTS & ITINERARIES OF THE UNITS The Records of Events and Itineraries of the Units for both Union and Confederate military organizations, as transcribed from 299 reels of microfilm in the National Archives (225 reels Union and 74 reels Confederate) has been published alphabetically by state. Under each state the regiments and companies are arranged numerically, with information for each unit presented chronologically. Most regiments have substantial coverage of the day-by-day records of the regiments and companies, where they marched, the rations and arms, clothing, skirmishes, battles, etc. Thus if you are researching a battle and know the units involved, you can look in the Records of Events & Itineraries and find the unit reports on the battle down to the company level. 

OFFICIAL REPORTS All of the official reports, Union and Confederate, left out of the original publication. The material is arranged exactly like the original Official Records, that is, chronological by subject (i.e., all the Gettysburg material will be under Gettysburg). There are 12 volumes of Reports, including a cumulative, every name, place, subject comprehensive index. 

THE INDEX The whole set is completely and thoroughly indexed: Every Name, Battle, Subject, etc. Broadfoot Publishing is well-known for the quality and depth of our indexes. The index contains over 1,000,000 entries. 


Professional researchers searched from Maine to California, scouring libraries, museums, and archives for material left out of the Official Records. We also combed previously printed sources for appropriate material. Someone worked full-time reading the approximately 63,000 newspapers published in the Confederacy (the official reports in the Union newspapers were included in the Official Records). We called in our chips and pulled whatever strings we could to persuade private collectors to share their material with us. They have been most generous.  (WILL NOT BE OFFERED ON CD ROM.)

EDITORIAL STAFF:  JANET B. HEWETT Contributing Editors:  Gary Gallagher, Robert Krick, Lee Wallace, Theodore Savas, Robert E. L. Krick, William Marvel, Michael Cavanaugh, Peter Carmichael, Prof. William L. Shea, Prof. Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr., Michael Banasik, Silas Felton, Andy Trudeau.

100 Volumes including 5-volume Index

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