Confederate Veteran

“The largest collection of personal experiences, anecdotes, battle footnotes, tall tales, and biographical sketches for the Confederate side....” —Civil War Books

A reprint of the complete 40-year run of Confederate Veteran magazine 1893-1932. 

20,000 Pages

4,000 Photos

Over 5,000 Obituaries

War Memories

Battle Accounts

The Veteran also served as the official publication of organizations such as The Confederate Veterans, The United Daughters of the Confederacy and The Sons of Confederate Veterans, and is the largest source of information on them.

The Index 

(Our Index is applicable to all editions — original & reprint) 

3 Volumes

2700 Pages

Half-a-Million Entries  Every Name & Significant Mention Indexed

Cross-reference Charts

43 Volumes including 3 Volume Index


ISBN No. 1-56837-051-2

Index Only (3 Volumes) 


ISBN No. 1-916107-15-9

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