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Non-Civil War Title List

We do carry a select few non-Civil War titles at greatly reduced prices. Our inventory is updated regularly.

 Please call 910-686-4816 to order. 

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Book Shows and Store Sale Information

Sat. March 28th - **Cancelled.Will be rescheduled.

10am - 2pm

6624 Robertson Pond Road Wendell, NC 27591

Sat. March 28th - **Cancelled.Will be rescheduled.

10am - 2pm

6624 Robertson Pond Road Wendell, NC 27591

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SATISFACTION GUARANTEED — Any Title Returnable For Any Reason!

We stand behind our books.  If you ever get a book from Broadfoot’s that doesn’t suit you, just send it back (within 30 days, please)—no reason needed.  If you receive a book from us that is defective, or has been damaged in the mail, give us a call and we’ll send you a replacement that day (no need to return the damaged book and no paperwork necessary; we’ll take your word for it).



1. ORDER BY PHONE for your convenience, with ladies on our end who are pleasant, glad you called, informed, and able to help you.  If you call Broadfoot’s, real people will answer your call and you’ll get efficient service and fast answers.  I think some of our customers call just to have someone be glad to hear from them—give us a try.       “I’ve never dealt with nicer people on the phone than with your staff.” —Gary Perkins, Dearborn, MI 

2. IF YOU ARE BUYING A SET FROM BROADFOOT’S ON THE MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN, YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANY TIME.  No problem, no obligation.  Also if, while buying a set, you need a breather from payments for any reason, just give us a call and we’ll suspend shipments until you’re ready to go again— no charge, and your price stays the same. “. . .the way you treat your customers (speaking for me) is the reason I buy most of my books from Broadfoot’s.  Y’all are more down home.”  —Rex L. Hobbs, Mt. Pleasant, TX. 

3. We appreciate your business and we welcome your comments.



“I want to thank you for the outstanding service I’ve received from your company.  This ‘way of business’ has become quite rare in our modern society.  It is obvious your reputation for quality service as well as product is well earned.” —Ronald G. Machoian, Capt., USAF, Papillion, NE

“Your work sets the standard by which all other publishers are judged.  I never hesitate to buy anything that has been issued by your company because I know I am getting first quality materials and service.  Thank you!”  —Ronald T. Clemmons, Murfreesboro, TN

“Your operation, books, service, and staff are superb.”  —M. B. Chesson, Boston, MA

“Excellent service and fair prices.”  —John M. Bowers, Brooklyn Center, MN