Until further notice

           The Wendell Store will be closed.  

We’ll reopen when the coast is clear.

           Thanks for keeping us going all these years.

Broadfoot Publishing Company in Wilmington – our phone and mail order for books – is OPEN for business as usual.  910-686-4816 or

Take care and Thank You.


"This is a specialty book store with a focus on military history and the American Civil War. This is not a general used book store. Broadfoot has been selling Civil War books for longer than many folks reading this review have been alive (including me and I'm in my late 30s)!

Broadfoot is a major publisher of Civil War titles and they also sell used Civil War books. This location is their storefront. And oh what a store it is! If you are a military history buff or student of the Civil War this is very literally heaven on earth.

The store isn't fancy but it's stocked with thousands of new and used books on the Civil War. The folks running the shop are friendly, welcoming, and exceedingly helpful. I spent 4 hours browsing and still didn't see everything.

Prices are so reasonable to almost be absurd. They have books that sell for hundreds of dollars for $5, $10, $20, or $30 each. They also stock many rare highly collectible antiquarian books as well.

Though they have a huge selection of used Civil War titles, as a publisher Broadfoot also specializes in publishing large and often rare but critical primary source reference sets like the Official Records of the Rebellion. In their store many of these sets are heavily discounted from what they cost when ordering online or from other bookstores. Even better they have a scratch and dent section too. You can pick up sets most people would only ever see in a major University library for fractions of their street price.

If you are a book person and interested in the Civil War this place is a MUST SEE. Just be aware they have very limited hours on Wed and Fri only.

In this day of publishers and shops dying left and right and folks moving to eBooks places like Broadfoot's are to be celebrated! I can't wait to visit again soon."  ~Jason Pipes 


Broadfoot’s Bookstore is located 15 miles east of Raleigh, just off Highway 64.  If you are traveling north or south on I-95, you can branch off and swing by the Wendell store easily—it will add only 20 extra miles and provide a welcome break—and a wander through the rural North Carolina countryside. If you collect books, Wendell is a worthwhile and money-saving stop.  

Our 20,000 square foot store was constructed to house books– it’s well lighted, air-conditioned and heated, and has wide aisles bordered by hundreds of feet of open shelving.  Parking, coffee and soda are free, the bathroom is clean, and you can stay as long as you wish (in the store or in the bathroom).

CIVIL WAR BOOKS at Reduced Prices Thousands of books, both new and used, inexpensive and rare plus a double aisle of $5 and $10 books; buy 5 and get one FREE!

CIVIL WAR BOOKS – HALF-PRICE AND LESS Aisles with shelves on each side filled with Civil War books at half price and less.  True half-priced books from the collections we buy each year, overstock titles, plus out-of-print books and Broadfoot Publishing Company titles.  Many customers, dealers, collectors, and libraries make frequent repeat trips to our store— it’s worthwhile.

CIVIL WAR & SOUTHERN MAPS & PRINTS There are Civil War maps and prints for sale in Wendell.

BROADFOOT PUBLISHING COMPANY TITLES All of our titles and sets are on display so that you may handle, look, peruse, read and do whatever it is you wish to determine whether a title interests you or not—there are seats for sitting so take your time—and enjoy.

NORTH CAROLINA BOOKS The Wendell store has a large selection of books about North Carolina both in print and out of print and rare, a plus if you are interested in the Tar Heel state.

REDUCED OUT-OF-PRINT CIVIL WAR BOOKS A large selection of out-of-print and rare Civil War books at reduced prices.