The Union Army


Volumes 1 - 4.  The first four volumes, Union units with histories, are more detailed than Dyer. 

Volume 1.  Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware; 526 pages;  Edited by Joshua Chamberlain, illustrated with 4 full-page steel engravings including Chamberlain. 

Volume 2.  New York, Maryland, West Virginia, and Ohio; 483 pages; Edited by Daniel E. Sickles, illustrated with 3 full-page steel engravings including Sickles. 

Volume 3.  New Jersey, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan; 433 pages; Edited by James Stewart, Jr., illustrated with 4 full-page steel engravings including Stewart. 

Volume 4.  Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, California, Oregon, The Territories, and District of Columbia; 463 pages; Edited by Jerome A. Watrous, illustrated with 2 full-page steel engravings. 

Volumes 5 and 6 contain the “Cyclopedia of Battles,” and list alphabetically the engagements, including lesser known events. These include the dates, main organizations involved, commanders, and losses. 

Volume 5.  Cyclopedia of Battles — A to Helena; 496 pages. 

Volume 6.  Cyclopedia of Battles — Helena Road to Z; 467 pages. 

Volume 7.  The Navy, narrative written by Rear Admiral George Brown; 330 pages. 

Volume 8.  Biographical Volume of all major and brigadier generals of the Union Army; 407 pages; illustrated with 455 photographs of the generals who, with few exceptions, are in uniform. 

Plus Volume 9.  An all new, every name, every battle, every place, cross-referenced thorough Broadfoot index.

9 Volumes 


ISBN No.  1-56837-358-9

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