We Buy Civil War Books and Manuscripts

We have 51 years of experience and no hair from buying and selling Civil War material. We wrote the Price Guide for Civil War Books, now in it's fifth edition, and have issued over 450 catalogs of Civil War books and manuscripts.

With our years of experience, 6 employees and a large store, we have the knowledge and ability to handle any size collection.

Each year, we sell thousands of out-of-print and rare Civil War books and manuscripts. This stock muct be constantly replenished; thus, we travel some 15,000 miles a year purchasing Civil War material. Most of our purchases are made from individuals.

  • We can handle any size collection. We are glad to purchase individual volumes of value, but we are most interested in large collection.
  • No shipping or packing. We will come to your home, pack the books properly, transport them to our store, issue a catalog with each title of value listed individually, and pay a fair percentage of retail value.

Prior collections offered include: Richard Harwell,

Bell Wiley, Bob White, Lee Wallace, Cary Close, Robert Sommerfield, The Late Unpleasantness, Shane Bartleson, Bob Younger. In addition to individual collections, we have purchased the Civil War stock of D. A. Bulen, Lost Generation Bookshop, Gitmans, McCowat Mercer, Continental Book Company, Morningside Bookshop, etc. 

With Broadfoot’s, you’re in good company. References provided—better yet, ask around.

So... if you are thinking of selling a collection, give us a call. (910-686-4816)

We'll pass your books along to fellow collectors who will appreciate and take care of them.

“I want to thank you for the outstanding service I’ve received from your company. This “way of business” has become quite rare in our modern society.  It is obvious that your reputation for quality service as well as product is well earned.”  --Ronald G. Machoian, Capt., USAF, Papillion, NE

Free Handbook on Selling Your Collection