History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers

By Samuel P. Bates


14 volumes—10 volumes of text plus a 4 volume index—eliminating the unwieldy size of the original.  Instead of having 1,400 pages per volume (as does the original) our reprint averages 700 pages per volume, thus enabling us to use thicker, tougher acid-free paper, and also avoiding the problem common to very thick volumes of having the binding come apart. The text size is not reduced—we just eliminated the oversize margins.

Our reprint includes an every name, 300,000 entry cumulative index which enables Bates to be used easily—as it is, unless one knows which regiment someone served in, it’s impossible to find them in Bates.  With our cumulative index, the set is infinitely easier to use.  Each index entry includes:  last name, first name, middle initial or name (where given), rank, unit, and page number in Bates.  Our Index is also applicable to the original edition as we have used the same pagination.


14 Volumes 


 ISBN No. 1-56837-226-4

Index Only (4-Volumes)


ISBN No. 1-56837-237-X

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