Confederate Military History

Eye-Witness Battle Accounts, First-Hand Narratives, Maps, And Military Organizational Charts

“This recently published edition, containing an introduction by Lee A Wallace, Jr., supersedes the original (12 vol., 6600 pp., Confederate Publishing Co., Atlanta, 1899). Supplemental volumes or variants of the original published sometime later contained biographical material missing from the originals. The Broadfoot reprinting contains all of this material.”  —The Civil War in Books

19 Volumes - including NEW 2-volume index

12,000 pages

517 illustrations

6,100 biographical sketches

1,322 page detailed Index

56 battle maps

How does the “Extended” Edition compare to the regular edition?

 A. The extended edition has fifteen times as many biographies of Confederates as the regular edition. The regular edition covers only generals, whereas the extended edition includes biographies of men of all ranks (including privates). Also in the extended volumes are 132 additional illustrations of Confederate soldiers—most in uniform. 

B. The extended edition includes the very rare volume Confederates in the North—never before published. 

C. Last, and most important, for this extended edition Broadfoot’s has compiled a two-volume, 1322-page cumulative and subjective index which references every name and important fact in Confederate Military History in an easy-to-find manner. The original edition has no real index, only a 34-page listing of highlights.

Has the Extended Edition of Confederate Military History ever been published as a set before? 

Never. Evans published the extended volumes in small quantities over several years and they were never offered as a set. For several of these volumes, there is only one copy known—the one we reprinted from. Why Evans published extended volumes and why in so few copies is a Civil War bibliographic mystery.

I’m a reader, not a researcher. Will I enjoy Confederate Military History? Yes. The men who wrote the volumes were soldiers, not scholars, and their accounts are quite readable, lively and straightforward. Their first-hand accounts are not burdened by the footnotes and academic trappings that so often weigh down later second-hand scholarly studies. “This is the story of the war by the men who fought it.”

Can I buy individual volumes and the index separately?

 No problem. Individual volumes are $75 each, plus postage, and the 2-volume index is $200. (Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina & Virginia are sold out as individual volumes).

19 Volume set with index


Index Only 


Individual Volumes

$75 each

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