War of the Rebellion

Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

“The major source of Civil War research material... absolutely indispensable to the serious student.” — Civil War Books

Last chance to replace your worn out set !

Do you need INDIVIDUAL volumes of the Army or Navy Official Records? This may be your last chance to complete full sets, fill in gaps, purchase wanted battles, campaigns, etc.  If you need volumes not offered here, send us a list by serial or volume number and we will quote on what we have available.

“The Official Records have dominated Civil War research for three quarters of a century...any military study treating the conflict of the 1860s must, of necessity, have the Official Records as its base.”  — James I. Robertson

• 138,597 pages of Civil War source material — averaging over 1,000 pages per book. 

• Each book is individually indexed; in addition, there is a separate General Index.

Our “reprint” edition of the Official Records is a vast improvement over the “government original.” All 138,597 pages are printed on an excellent grade of acid-free paper which will not wear, deteriorate or discolor, and the binding is linen-textured buckram, impregnated with pyroxylin to withstand wear and tear. An additional improvement to the “government original” is the numbering system on the spines. In the original, volume numbers appeared on each book in Roman numerals. We have used both Roman and Arabic numerals for ease in organizing and identifying volumes.

128 VOLUMES including Index

ISBN 0-918678-07-2


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